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Durante a passagem de som do show em Montana no último dia 17, o Slayer fez uma performance de “Evil Has No Boundaries” com Adam “Nergal” Darski do Behemoth no vocal.

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"Evil has no boundries". That's the song my affair with Slayer has begun ages ago. I must have been 8 or 9 years old I guess when I heard it on a pirate cassette. Didn't know much of an English language so we would sing whatever we hear. And the word EVIL reminded us how PIWO (beer) sounded phonetically! We would fuck around and sing "PIWO!!! PIWO!!! PIWO!!!" instead until years later when we realised its meaning. The word EVIL would eventually be the key word to define my whole carieer with the band on so many levels and beyond. When I told that story to Kerry and Gary they were like: Let's do it! We r in!!! I already knew the lyrics by heart and here I am… sharing the stage with one of the best bands on the planet in one of my favorite songs! Dunno how I'm gonna top it but that's not the case now. Living the fuckin' dream and enjoying the fuck out of it @slayerbandofficial @paulbostaphofficial

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