This week we have two very special guests, Bryan Giles from Red Fang and Kerry King from Slayer! Both bands are on their way to Brazil to play on Maximus Festival on May 13th.

Giles told us about the bands’ latest album, Only Ghosts and spoke about the music scene today. Telling us how its like to play Heavy Metal festivals, Giles told us that Slayer is his favorite Metal band:

“There are Metal fans and there are Slayer fans. I love Slayer, i’m a huge fan. It’s intimidating [playing with them] because if you ask me, they’re the best Metal band in the world. They have consistently put out some of the best Metal records and they never compromised their sound for changing styles. They stayed true to what they’re doing. Even the best Metal bands in the world, they moved with the fashion. And Slayer never did that”.

Kerry King spoke about their many years touring, and said that he thinks that there aren’t many new bands coming to fill in the space that will be left from the great bands today:

“It’s difficult for new bands to establish themselves. That being said I still go see Judas Priest, you know, bands like Judas Priest, Sabbath, Slayer, Metallica, Megadeth, Anthrax, Exodus, Testament, I’m sure a million others would go see them forever. But as far as new people, I haven’t seen very much of that happening. And luckily we’re not ready to hang it up yet so we can hold the fort until somebody else comes around, but I think the metal fanbase is so into it, they’re not going anywhere. They’re just waiting for the next handful of bands so they can get excited again”

Interview with Bryan Giles:

Interview with Kerry King: