A-Sides foi lançado em 1997, e agora será relançado em vinil

O fotógrafo do Soundgarden nos anos 90, Kevin Westenberg publicou no seu Instagram:

“Soundgarden está atualmente no processo de liberar o primeiro material desde a morte de Chris. A-Sides nunca foi lançada em vinil, e agora que o vinil está de volta, esse álbum será relançado em breve”.

A-Sides foi lançado em 1997 e é uma coletânea de sucessos do Soundgarden.

Chris Cornell morreu aos 52 anos, no dia 17 de Maio de 2017, e a causa da morte foi devido a suicídio por enforcamento. Leia aqui.

O último videoclipe lançado foi o da música “Nearly Forgot My Broken Heart” e foi retirado do YouTube, devido a cenas de enforcamento que remetem a forma como Chris morreu.


SOUNDGARDEN are currently in the process of releasing the first material since Chris’s untimely passing. Turns out that the initial greatest hits collection, ‘A-Sides’ was never released on vinyl. Now that vinyl is “back”, this album on vinyl will soon be re-released. Of course this makes perfect sense especially for sound quality. Release date TBC. Sourcing new unseen photos and refining the older photos in the original package is now under way with various images being looked at for inclusion. I went through a period 20-25 years ago where I felt that with certain artists, a black background was the purest form of expression. In my mind it was also representative of the anti-white background. This represented the opposite of commerciality, which also allowed visual focus on the artists face, expression and enhanced the dark mood of the era. The void and black space always meant more to me in my earlier works, than the parts of the photo one could see. If there was ever a subject that would fit this prerequisite, it was Soundgarden and my vision of what Soundgarden was for me as a band. This set up was also part of the 18 hour marathon shoot at the Ok Hotel for the DOWN ON THE UPSIDE campaign. Good Times. Photo: Kevin Westenberg. #kevinwestenberg #realfilmrealwestenberg #soundgarden #chriscornell #benshepherd #kimthayil #mattcameron #hiroyamamoto #grunge #metal #love #throwback #instagram #badmotorfinger #ultramegaok #superunknown #downontheupside #asides #filmsnotdead #bw #blackandwhite #classic #goodtimes

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