Black Label is just like Stones or Led Zeppelin. Musically, we just piss whoever we want to piss.”

Wikimetal (Nando Machado): Hello Zakk?

Zakk Wylde: Yeah, who is this?

W (NM): Hi this is Nando Machado from Brazil; I run a Heavy Metal podcast.

ZW: Yes, sure. Who is this, Nando?

W (NM): Nando, Yes, from Wikimetal.

ZW: Ah ok, how are you doing buddy?

W (NM): I m great man, I’m very happy to have you on our show. First of all it’s a real honor to have you on our show, thank you so much for your time. I´m one of the co-hosts of Wikimetal, we run the number one Heavy Metal podcast in Brazil. You know… You’ve just recorded an acoustic version of “Order of the Black”, how did your hardcore fans reacted to that?

ZW: Well, we are into the top 50, so you know…. The Black Label family is growing bigger and bigger. And everybody knows we’re Black Label, is just like Stones or Led Zeppelin, I mean musically, we just piss whoever we want to piss, if we want to do heavy song we will do heavy song, if we want to do mellow song we will do mellow song… so… everybody knows what to expect, since the first Black Label disc, thirteen years ago. As much as we do the heavy stuff we’ll do the mellow stuff as well.

W (NM): We have always heard that the Black Label Society friends are like a family to you. How is your relationship with your Brazilian family?

ZW: I think is amazing! You know… Black Label is much bigger than a band, you know what I mean? It´s a mentality, and just… you know… last time we were down there it was with Ozzy, and that was awesome, so, you know… The whole crew and everybody, we can´t wait! It’s been a while since we’ve been there, so we’re all looking forward to it now.

Zakk Wylde

The show in São Paulo will be another Black Label dysfunctional family gathering of a festivous miracle.”

W (NM): Well, let´s go, since you mentioned that, I was at the last show you played with Ozzy here, and a lot of people were thinking that you had an injury on your finger and I heard kids saying behind me “Oh that´s a real cool effect!”, obviously I know that wasn’t an effect, but a lot of people were curious to know what really happened to your finger that day.

ZW: I got into a fight with my wife and I punched the fucking billboard, so I fucked my finger there, so… yeah, I got the scar on my hand to show it. So it was really bleeding Black Label when I was up there!

W (NM): I remember, and you still played perfectly! Was really amazing man! But it was funny that I heard this kids saying, you know, like they thought it was an effect!

ZW: That´s funny!

W (NM): Anyway…

ZW: I wish was!

W (NM): All right…

ZW: That´s the effect you get when your wife pisses you off!

W (NM): I know man, you can tell me about, I’m married as well… so anyway…

ZW: Exactly! The girls, they know what they can do to you, man.

W (NM): I know that the tickets for the São Paulo show are almost sold out, there are probably fifty tickets left. What can the fans expect from this show?

ZW: It will be another Black Label dysfunctional family gathering of a festivous miracle! I’m looking forward for that, man.

Randy Rhoads’ guitar solos are like songs within the songs”

W (NM): Talking about the beginning of your career, who are your main influences that made you decide to became a guitar player?

ZW: My main influences are Randy Rhoads, Jimmy Page, Eddie Van Halen, Frank Marino, Al Di Meola, John McLaughlin and Paco de Lucía.

W (NM): Yeah, that’s awesome! Since you mentioned Randy, I’ve heard you saying many nice things about Randy over the years, can you tell us a little bit about the importance of Randy as a guitar player to you and also to Heavy Metal in general?

ZW: You know… I think besides his refined technique, what was very impressive was the quality of his compositions, what he wrote, you know what I mean? It’s just amazing! So… His guitar solos are like songs within the songs, you know what I mean? It’s just great composition and technique and also, he is an awesome person, Randy was the complete package!

W (NM): We have a classic question on our show that we ask every single person we interview, that song comes that you just can’t stop from head banging, can you refrain yourself from head banging wherever you may to be, which song would that be, and we will play that song now….

ZW: “Gimme Shelter”, Rolling Stones.

W (NM): Yeah, any specific version that? Because we are going to play that song now.

ZW: The studio version.

W (NM): Any specific things that you’re listening to at the moment that you would like to mention?

ZW: I’ve been listening to a lot of Rabin Trevor lately. Kill. Sarah McLachlan and John McLaughlin.

W (NM): So, you´re really into fusion jazz and all the styles, that´s really good for a musician.

ZW: Yeah, and Paco, as well, obviously.

W (NM): That´s cool. So, that´s maybe the reason that you are such a good musician, it´s because you have no prejudice against other stiles and music, I really appreciate that, and I think it’s a reason for being such a good musician, you agree?

ZW: I listen to it all, man. Yeah totally. I listen to everything.

W (NM): I read that… once… you’re, you once…. architecting a Thrash Metal G3 with yourself, Kerry King and Dimebag Darrel, is it true and can it ever happen one day without Dimebag?

ZW: Yeah… I started talking with Kerry King and with Dime time ago, we were very good buddies, but we never know because the problem is that everybody is always working all the time doing something… so… we never know man…

W (NM): So, is that something you still fell like doing…?

ZW: Yeah, but I mean… without Dime, no one could replace him, you know what I’m saying?

Zakk Wylde

For me whether it’s Brazilian or from Norway, it doesn’t matter, because the Metal community is just one massive community.”

W (NM): So, changing the subject completely, how hard was it for you to replace Jake E. Lee when you’re just… what …nineteen years old, am I right?

ZW: Yeah, well, I’m a huge fan of Jake and Randy’s always been my inspiration growing up. And it still is, I listen to Randy all the time. And I love Jake as well, Jake is amazing… and I’m a huge fan of both guys, of Ozzy as well, so for me to be into that gig was just like a dream, it was a Dream gig you know what I mean?

W (NM): And especially, so young that you were, right?

ZW: Yeah…

W (NM): And you also seemed so confident, you´re never nervous about having such a big responsibility…

ZW: No, because you get go there and instead of filling somebody’s shoes you gotta bring your own shoes.

W (NM): And you certainly did. You know anything about Brazilian Metal?

ZW: Well, I mean… I know the Sepultura guys and Max Cavalera and all the guys they are very good guys and they’re out of their fucking minds, what they do is not heavy metal, it’s beyond heavy metal! They are super cool people, but I mean… for me whether it’s Brazilian or from Norway or whatever, it doesn’t matter, because the Metal community it’s just one, and it´s one massive community.

W (NM): So, talking about Black Label Society, could you chose one song from your band that you are really, really proud to have written that we can listen to it now on our show?

ZW: Yeah, put on “Crazy Horse”.

W (NM): It was such a great song! Thank you for choosing that one man!

ZW: Thanks Nando.

W (NM): So, could you just leave a message to all your Brazilian fans and invite everyone that will be..?

ZW: All right, all Brazilians stay strong and keep *(bleeding?) Black Label, God bless you and see you guys in a little bit!

W (NM): Thank you so much for your time, I really appreciated and I hope to meet you backstage and maybe we have a beer, we are looking forward to your show in Brazil, in São Paulo.

ZW: All right. I talk to you in a little bit, buddy.

W (NM): Thank you so much again man!

ZW: Bye Nando, take it easy.

W (NM): See you later.

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