Life’s tough; eat nails and listen to Black Label.”

Zakk Wylde: Hello, there!

Wikimetal (Daniel Dystyler):  Hi, may I speak to Mr. Zakk Wylde, please?

ZW: This is Zakk right here.

W (DD): Hey, Zakk, how are you? This is Daniel from Wikimetal in Brazil, how are you?

ZW: Hey! How are you doing, buddy?

W (DD): Very good. It’s really great to have you back on our show, we’re really honored. And I’d like to take the chance to thank you very much for everything you’ve been doing for rock and heavy metal these past years. It’s a real honor to have you on our show so in the name of all Brazilian head bangers, and in the name of the portion of the Black Label Society that resides in Brazil, welcome to the Wikimetal Show.

ZW: Oh, I appreciate it, man. Thanks for having me over.

W (DD): Excellent. Let’s start with that… We’ve always had this feeling that Black Label is not only a band, but it’s really a family. And that regards not only the behavior of the fans, but also, everybody that works for Black Label has this very tight relationship. Can you talk a little bit about that?

ZW: Yeah, it’s like… It’s like The Grateful Dead on steroids. You know, it’s one gigantic family, we really support each other, and everybody just likes each other on the spot, you know. You could be rolling with some guy you run into, next thing you know, years later he’s the best man at your wedding, you know what I mean? Because he’s your buddy. So, yeah, it’s definitely bigger than a band, you know what I mean? It’s a mentality, it’s like “SDMF”, Strength, Determination, Merciless Forever. Life’s tough, eat nails and listen to Black Label. So, you know, the whole thing with Black Label, the mentality of it is: you’ve got to have a set of balls, and life’s a mountain, and you need to go around it, over it, under it, or through, or you dismantle it. But you’re getting on the other side, there’s no quitting. There is no quitting in Black Label, so that’s that.

To be in Black Label: you need to know how to play your instrument, and you can’t be an asshole.

W (DD): That’s great, that’s great. And talking about this tight relationship you guys have, do you remember the first time you spoke to Nick Catanese and how you guys met?

ZW: Oh, yeah, we met over the internet. We were doing the “Book of Shadows” thing, I needed someone to play guitar with me. And I got in touch with Nick, and I flew out and met him, and you know, he had the two qualifications you need to be in Black Label: you need to know how to play your instrument, and you can’t be an asshole. And he’s an asshole, but I still hang out with him.

W (DD): That’s great, that’s great, Zakk. And talking about the “Book of Shadows Tour” can you share some memories about that gig? You playing along with Nick… Do you think you can dream of seeing that in Brazil someday?

ZW: I mean, it’s just like… I mean, I ended up writing that album in between… When we were doing “Ozzmosis”, and a bunch of the group was lying around, so that’s how that came about, but… You know, we’re talking about doing the “Un-Blackened” thing DVD in January, sometime, so that’s what we’re talking about doing next. So that’s about it right now with… But, yeah, we’re talking about doing the “Un-Blackened” thing, not as much as I love doing the heavy stuff, you know, listening to Sabbath, to Ministry or whatever… Dimebag, you know… I love listening to Neil Young, Elton John, The Eagles, Crowded House… All that stuff, you know what I mean?

W (DD): Yeah, that’s great. And since you are mentioning so many great bands and many heavy metal bands, we have a classic question on our show, that we ask every single guest, which is, imagine you’re listening to your iPod on shuffle mode or you’re listening to a rock station while driving your car, or whatever. And all of a sudden, a song starts that makes you lose your mind and you feel you need to start head banging immediately, regardless of where you are you can’t stop, you can’t refrain yourself. What song is that so we can listen to that one on our show right now?

ZW: Oh, that you would just drive your truck right over a mountain side? Yeah, put on “The Rover”, by Led Zeppelin. I just saw the movie last night, so yeah, put some Zeppelin on.

I don’t know what we’re going to do today. What mountain are we going to climb? What are going to conquer today? That’s the Black Label mindset”

W (DD): Very good, and what are your thoughts about the movie?

ZW: I thought it was great! I mean, the whole thing is… You know, The Beatles, Sabbath, Zeppelin, The Stones, Pink Floyd any of these great bands… It’s amazing what they’ve achieved, because they’re the architects of just… Great music, you know what I mean? For me to see more Zeppelin, or anything with Zeppelin, it’s a plus, you know what I mean?

W (DD): I think I heard Nick Catanese saying that, back in the days, when you guys were starting… Not back in the day, a couple of years ago, when you guys were rehearsing, you started mid-afternoon, and you didn’t want to stop, you went until, like, three, four, five in the morning. Is that still going on?

ZW: I mean, it’s just like… Actually, I’m not drinking anymore, so I’m down before that. I’m even getting up at three o’clock in the morning! But yeah, back in the day I was going to bed at five o’clock in the morning, and now I’m getting up at five o’clock in the morning. But just the other day… When we get together to do rehearsals, we just blast through until when we can, so we always have a good time.

W (DD): Very good, very good. And looking back, throughout these almost 15 years on the road with Black Label, what you’d consider to be the main achievements or the highlights that you will never forget? Things that pop into your mind, when you think about you career…

ZW: Oh, I mean, the whole thing is that our Black Label family just keeps growing and growing and growing, so it’s… I mean, every time we go out and have a new record, it just brings optimism, like when you wake up in the morning, it’s a fresh new day, it’s like “I don’t know what we’re going to do today. What mountain are we going to climb? What are going to conquer today?”, so I mean… That’s the Black Label mindset, so the whole thing is… As we tour, like I said, it’s our second family, so you see people that you’ve seen before, and you see everybody, and it’s great seeing everyone. So, you know, today we’re going in the Halifax chapter up here in Canada so we’re going to be rolling, and we were just at St. John’s the other night, so, I just thing the great thing is that today is what tomorrow brings, you know what I mean? And, yeah, definitely awesome… You know, between the 14 years that Black Label’s been rolling, going on a 15th year anniversary, it’s a… You know, you look back to all the times we’ve had, and all the comedy, so I just look forward to having a bit more, you know what I mean?

W (DD): Zakk, can you choose a song that you have written or maybe recorded that you are really proud of, so we can listen to it right now?

ZW: Oh, if we’re going to talk about the new record, obviously I really dig “Overlord”.

Treat it like it’s your job, because it’s your job, it’s your baby and it’s your band”

W (DD): We are almost reaching the end of our talk here, but before we let you go, can you talk a little bit about the release of your book? You put out a book this year, if I’m not mistaken, right?

ZW: Oh, yeah, yeah, “Bringing Metal to the Children”!

W (DD): It’s still not available in Brazil, but I read that it’s really… Lots of funny stories from your career, right?

ZW: Oh, yeah, when I was out in the beginning, I mean, before Ozzy up until now, just stupid goofy shit. You know, just us, me and you sitting in a bar, just hanging out, you know, and just laughing our asses off, and you’d go “Zakk, we’re going to lay a book someday”, you know what I mean? That’s how it came about.

W (DD): That’s great. Hopefully will get that translated to Portuguese soon. Before we let you go, what kind of advice would you give a young kid that´s thinking of putting up a band or starting to play the guitar now?

ZW: Oh, hey, any kid that’s starting a band or whatever, you know, obviously, number one: play the music you love, and don’t be playing what other people think you should be playing. Just play what gets you, and if you like it, you get a move on and check it off with your band, and if that’s what you want to do the rest of your life, than treat it like it’s your job, you know what I mean? Because it’s your job, it’s your baby and it’s your band, you know what I mean? And learn about the business side of things, because it’s just as important. The music is the most important… And if you enjoy doing it, then you incorporate it, and make, you know, make into a tour, you know what I mean? Because it has to do with the band, and the band succeeding, so this way you can create music, and make a living doing it. So you know, just treat your band like it’s your job and you love it.

W (DD): Very good, very good. That’s great, Zakk. I’m sure we’re going to have sold out concerts in November here in Brazil. You’re always welcome to come back to Brazil, hopefully we’ll meet here. Can you just leave a message to the Wikimetal and Black Label fans that are listening, and invite them to the concerts?

ZW: Hey, what’s going on buddies? This is Zakk Wylde, and I’m talking to the Brazil chaps of Black Label right now. Can’t wait to see you guys, so save some room, breathe black, and God bless.

W (DD): That’s great. Thanks so much, Zakk, it was an honor talking to you.

ZW: I’ll see you in a little bit, brother.

W (DD): Sure. Bye bye.

ZW: Bye now.

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