We want to reach the fans of Lamb of God and get them relief or some release from their situation through our music”

W (Nando Machado): Hi, John.

John Campbell: Nando, how are you doing, buddy?

W (NM): Good man, it’s a pleasure to be talking to you. How are you?

JC: I’m doing good, man. I’m at home, we were on tour and now we get a little break before we head off to Asia.

W (NM): So, just starting, tell me how did you guys choose the name of the band. Was it because of the problems you had in the beginning of your career with “Burn the Priest”?

JC: The problems we had were that people thought we were satanic band, would kind of write us off and not pay any attention. And I was really frustrated, considering all the hard work that we put into. So we decided to change the name at the time and we kind of went the other way with it. A lot of people think we’re a Christian band, but ultimately, it may be a little more offensive to call yourself the savior of someone’s specific religion. But it’s water under the bridge, at this point.

W (NM): So, when you first started, who were your main influences?

JC: Our main influences were early classic Heavy Metal, early Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth. A lot of Punk Rock too and the city that we’re from, Richmond, Virginia has a strong music scene that definitely had a big importance there as well.

W (NM): What do you think about the term New Wave of American Heavy Metal?

JC: I don’t really think much about that, it’s somebody that decided to put a bunch of bands together, as a musical movement but… we don’t have meetings or anything like that. Basically they just came up with a label to describe all the bands that we’ve been touring in basements and shitty little clubs with, for years. The term started underground, and then worked its way up, to circles and then they came out with New Wave of American Heavy Metal. Well, me being a self absorbed musician, of course we are a very important band in this movement. But there are other bands like Shadows Fall, Killswitch Engage, All That Remains, and there’s other bands that we have been touring with and playing concert with these guys… I think that Doc was still in High school, we had just graduated, I think, he had, Doc from God Forbid had red hair when we played with them.

W (NM): Changing the subject, we have a classic question on our show, one that we ask every single person we interview. Just imagine yourself driving your car, with your iPod on shuffle mode, and a song comes up, that you just can’t stop yourself from headbanging, which song would that be, we can listen to it on our show right now?

JC: A band called Black Mountain and this song is called Bright Lights. I listen to it in the truck with my son all the time and it’s really mellow in the beginning and then when the song kicks in, my son and I just go nuts in the truck.

Entrevista John Campbell - Lamb of God

I don’t know what the secret for keeping the same band members is, but I would guess it has to do with passion for what we do.”

W (NM): How would you describe Lamb of God’s musical style?

JC: I get asked this question a whole lot and I just say that we’re Heavy Metal. There are a lot of subgenres of Metal, I guess sometimes people don’t understand a genre of Metal so I’m more into playing in the band I’m in and making music the way we make, which to me is Heavy Metal.

W (NM): Tell us a little bit about the just released album, Resolution, is there anything in particular that you would like to share with our listeners about the album?

JC: It’s just a Metal record. I’m just kidding. It’s our newest record and we are incredibly proud of this record and it’s a big cliché to say that, because when every band’s new record comes out, they say it’s better than everything they’ve ever done, it sounds better than anything they’ve ever done. But honestly, and I felt this way about every record, this record tops everything we’ve done. We continue to grow as performers and music writers and Randy is writing and it suits him well. I think that he really shines on this record, I think this is the best record that Randy Blythe has ever done in his life and he’s very focused in this record, it just tops everything he’s ever done.

W (NM): Do you agree that the sound of Resolution sounds a little bit more like the earlier Lamb of God albums?

JC: Maybe the songs or writing style are similar, but I really feel like sonically, the songs’ production values and how it sounds is so far away from our early stuff. People seem to be really with a really into the shitty old records. I have been really into the production, and I haven’t been completely satisfied with a production of a record until that. But this record tops in its production. So as far as record this record sounds, I think it’s miles away from everything we did in the past. But there’s definitely some older, more Punk Rock songs, and stuff that reminds us of some of our earlier works, but keep in mind that we are still the same dudes in the band. We’re very focused on what we do and this is all just different aspects of our personality coming through in the music, while we made out a record song similar to something that was older, it makes sense ‘cause we’re still the same dudes.

W (NM): Talking about the band members, what is the secret of keeping the same band members for such a long time?

JC: I have no idea, man. I think we really, absolutely, at the time we are on stage performing together, that’s what we live for. I can’t imagine me not being with them. Besides the fact, that you know, we’ve been known for having fist fights, and you know, there’s tons of butt heads that goes on in pretty regular basis. I don’t know what the secret is, but I would guess it has to do with passion for what we do.

W (NM): Once I asked Tom Araya the same question and he said that having to keep up with each other’s bullshit.

JC: Yeah, this is true and Tom Araya is an amazing person. It would be pretty amazing imagining what is his stage persona.

I’m amazed and proud of what we do and that’s great”

W (NM): Can you talk about the new documentary that you guys will be filming later in the year and is it true that the fans can participate and if so, can you tell us how the fans can participate on that DVD or Blu-ray or whatever?

JC: Sure, sure. Here’s what it is, it’s a movie that is not much about us as it is about our fans and their relationship with the music. And I believe that somewhere on our website, fans really can submit to be in the movie, that’s our vision that we are talking to all of the world. Reaching states within the fans of Lamb of God and get them relief or some release from their situation through our music. The movie is really about the fans, nothing about us… And if somebody’s interested I’m sure there’s on our website and there should be a proper end and redirect them to a way of getting a submission.

W (NM): I’ll ask you to choose a song again, this time can you choose a song of your band that you’re really proud for having written?

JC: Well, let me just clear one misconception, the band writes and shares the credit rights, but our main song writers are Mark and Willie. So, I couldn’t say that I wrote this song, but “The Number 6” is a really cool track and if you care to hear the bass, it’s played by yours truly.

W (NM): What would you say to those Metal fans that think that Heavy Metal was only good in the 80s and there are not good new bands around?

JC: Well, the bands we are listening to, that’s where we came from, but honestly if someone wants to think that, I don’t give a fuck, they can do whatever they want, I’m more amazed and proud of what we do and it’s great. If people don’t care for us or have different opinions, that’s great, man, do your thing, have a good time.

W (NM): Yeah, we think the same. I’ve asked Sam Dunn the other day the same question and he said that Lamb of God is a proof that Heavy Metal never died and it will never die and we totally agree with that. So, in your opinion, what are the best bands that appeared to the world in the last, let’s say, ten, fifteen years?

JC: Oh, man… That’s a hard one.

W (NM): You mentioned Black Mountain, Black Mountain is a great band, right?

JC: Yeah, I got really into Black Mountain for a little bit, they’ve got two records out there, both good. This band I just picked up is Graveyard, they’re Sweden. There are from Nuclear Blast Records and I was working up at home and they came to play in Richmond, Virginia, and a friend of mine showed me a record and it’s quickly becoming my favorite band.

We are really excited to get down to Brazil, people are fucking nuts there”

W (NM): Talking about the shows that will be seen here in Brazil, what can the fans expect from the shows with Hatebreed and Lacuna Coil?

JC: One thing is these are three bands that know each other all really well the history of being very competitive in shows together and trying to do better than the other band on stage. Three bands there are gonna be out there swinging heavy and hard doing the show for the night. Unfortunately for Lacuna Coil and Hatebreed, we are headline in the show and we will win. But you’re gonna come out and see us and it’s really exciting for us to return to South America and we’ve been for months in the road, where we’ve been touring in the States forever, we haven’t done enough touring in South America, we are really excited to get down there and blast these songs out for everybody in the crowd in South America, in Brazil specially, are fucking nuts there.

W (NM): What do you remember of your last show here?

JC: A lot of screaming, a lot of yelling, I remember the kids yelling words … The energy level is to the roof there, it’s great.

W (NM): I remember you also did a signing session at the time, right?

JC: You tell me we did, I believe you.

W (NM): Ok. So, as this is one of the most expected shows in the year, in my opinion, can you leave a last message to all the Brazilian headbangers?

JC: Sure, come on all, we’ll have a good time and come on join your Metal brothers and having a night that hopefully you’ll remember well beyond this day.

W (NM): Excellent, John. I’ll be there for the show, so I hope to meet you backstage, maybe we can have a quick chat and a couple of beers. I really look forward to the show. I’d just like to thank you before we finish, I’d really like to thank you and all your band members for everything you guys are doing, because as a Metal fan for the past, let’s say, thirty years, I really think that these bands like Lamb of God and some other bands, are really responsible for keeping Metal alive and making sure that we keep the high level of quality in music. When you listen to Resolution, for example, you can really, really believe that these band is as good as any other band from earlier periods or even better sometimes; Lamb of God is a living proof that Heavy Metal will never die and it’s stronger than ever. Thank you so much for your time, man.

JC: My pleasure, you’re gonna make me blush, but thank you, man, I appreciate that.

W (NM): Ok, John, so we’ll be seeing you in São Paulo on the 31st and all the Brazilian headbangers will be there for sure.

JC: Looking forward to.

W (NM): Ok, thanks for your time once again and see you later, man.

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