Always strive to be a musician first – your gender should come second.”

WM: How did you first get in touch with Rock and Metal and who were the first bands that influenced you to create your singing style?

Angela Gossow : I discovered Metal through a British radio station when I was about 15 years old. They played a lot of Thrash and Deathmetal. I got hooked on Metallica, Slayer, Death, Carcass, Napalm Death, Entombed, Morbid Angel… When I started singing in that style these were the bands that influenced me most.

Wikimetal: Arch Enemy has a very unique sound, how would you describe your music to someone who had never heard the band? Is there a way to label the sound of Arch Enemy?

AG: We play Extreme Metal. We mash up elements of Thrash, Death, Speed, Prog, Melodic and Classic Metal. We work with a broad range of influences. This is why our sound is very distinctive and pretty unique.

WM: In your opinion who are the most important women in Rock and Metal?

AG: I think every musician who creates something unique and lasting is important. It doesn’t matter if you get famous with it. There’s a whole bunch of influental female musicians like Lori Bravo (Nuclear Death) or Corinne (Acrostichon) not many people know about.

WM: What do you remember of the auditions you did to join the band and how was the invitation from Michael to be part of Arch Enemy?

AG: Michael gave me a call and asked me if I want to try out. I didnt really think it would work out.. I wasn’t set to become a pro singer and touring musician, but was just in the middle of my studies with a good job… So I went and recorded one track with Arch Enemy. It was Enemy Within. And afterwards they asked me to record the entire album and then they told me they wanted me to be the singer for Arch Enemy. And I just couldn’t say no, haha. Big risky adventure, but it worked out very well!

WM: What is the importance of Michael Amott and everything he created to the sound that is being done today?

AG: He writes 80% of the music. He’s constantly creating new riffs and melodies. He’s the musical engine of Arch Enemy.

WM: We have a classic question on our show. Imagine yourself listening to music and suddenly a song comes up and you just lose your mind and start headbanging wherever you might be, which song is that?

AG: ”Necrophobic’ from Slayer.

WM: Looking back when you joined the band, was it hard to leave your marketing and journalism career behind or do you use your mareketing experience to help to promote the band?

AG: The business and marketing know how was definetely a gift I brought into the band and I use it to my best abilities. It’s a tough market with a lot of competition. It’s hard to grab people’s attention. Gotta be creative and on top of it.

Europeans are like us – They give their last penny for Metal.”

WM: What are you guys preparing for the show in Brazil on the 25th of november?

AG: A very long show. We haven’t been in Brazil since 2009, so we wanna give as much as we can. It will be epic! We are documenting the whole tour for our upcoming DVD – so be there and become a part of it!

WM: What do you think that has changed in the band since you came to Brazil last time?

AG: We are mentally in a much better place. We got a stable line up where everybody is happy to be in the band. Super positive vibes and the will to kill!

WM: If you could choose one song from Arch Enemy, which song would that be?

AG: Nemesis.

WM: Do you believe that even in 2012 there is still some kind of prejudice towards women in Metal?

AG: There is still prejudice towards women in society, and the metal scene is somewhat a mirror of that… However, I feel the metal scene is more progressive and accepting of women than anybody else. Especially in difficult places where women’s rights are still largely at stake.

WM: What is the importance of Melissa Cross in your career?

AG: It was great meeting her and working on her 2nd DVD together. She has not influencd my carreer but surely a lot of other singers.

WM: You have done some important collaborations with other artrists such as Doro and Annihilator. Can you share any nice memories of these experiences with our readers?

AG: They were all done via mp3 /online, haha.. So there are no stories to share. I have met Jeff Waters and Doro at other occasions, both very lovely people!

WM: The video of Bloodstained Cross shows Arch Enemy doing really great in many different coutries around the world. What are the most important markets for Metal in the world today? Can we say that Metal is livinga very special moments regarding popularity in many different places?

AG: Metal is very strong in Latin- and South America. That is for sure! Another metal haven is Japan, most of Europe and parts of the US. But really, we can play anywhere, you will find metal fans in the most exotic places – like The Maledives, haha.

WM: How is the European tour going?

AG: The EU tour went very well, packed clubs everywhere. Quite astonishing given the fact that a lot of people have real financial problems in Europe now.. But they are like us – They give their last penny for Metal.

WM: What does it mean to you to have the legendary band VoiVod as an opening act for some of your shows?

AG: It was very awesome. Especially Michael was like a little boy in a huge toy store, haha. He loves Voivod. Gotta say, the guys were super nice. Was a pleasure having them out on the road with us!

WM: What are your plans for the future after the tour ends in the beggining of december?

AG: We’ll take a year off from touring, we have to create and release a massive new live DVD/BlueRay and we are writing a new Arch Enemy album which will most likely be released in 2014.

WM: Thank you Angela, just to finish, what would you say to a girl that’s starting a musical career and sees you as a row model?

AG: Do it your way, but do it right. Have your chops before you get on a stage and think twice about how you want to present yourself to the audience out there. Always strive to be a musician first – your gender should come second.

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