This week Wikimetal brings one of the great new bands in the scene as of now! An interview with Adrenaline Mob’s singer, Russell Allen!

Allen talked about future projects of the band now that Mike Portnoy has announced that the next few shows in Latin America will be his last. Explaining the drummer’s sudden decision to focus on his other projects, Allen said:

“We knew about it before he made it public. We want to keep working and we don’t want to wait around for Mike to have the time, and he doesn’t know when he will have the time again. He was asked to be in the band by myself, me and Mike Orlando had already written all the material and it was completely finished before Mike got in the band. It’s a bummer, but he’s got his side projects and the Mob’s got to go on”

Speaking about possible new drummers for the band, Allen did not mention any musician in particular:

“We don’t have a new drummer in mind, but we are writing new material right now and we’re looking to record later this year. Mike was really cool and suggested some people to replace him and we’re looking at all the options.”

On Wikimetal’s episode, Russell also spoke about his work with Brazilian band Shaman and Symphony X.

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