Waters is the guest on Wikimetal this week

This week, Wikimetal brings a special episode with one of the biggest Thrash Metal bands of all time, the great Annihilator!

The man behind the band, Jeff Waters, talked to us about much of the band’s history and his influences, focusing on the band’s success outside of their home country. Waters seized the opportunity to criticize the Canadian press, saying that Annihilator never received support from their country’s press:

“I think Annihilator never got any support from Canada at all. We went outside of Canada to have our success and sign a record deal with Roadrunner Records out of Holland and New York. In Canada, that’s a bad thing. A lot of the Canadian press and record companies just want to discover and make success with someone. They don’t want to have a Canadian band to have success in other places”.

Waters also criticized the documentary producer Sam Dunn for never mentioning Annihilator, particularly since the filmaker is Canadian himself.

On the interview, Jeff also talks about the work for Annhilator’s next album, due to come out this year. Listen to the full interview: