VIPER was created in 1985 and two years later released ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’, a landmark on Brazilian Rock History. The album was one of the first ones in Brazil to have a production compared to the international releases at the time, with musicians who were, in average, 16 years old.

Tha band was founded by Andre Matos (vocal), Pit Passarell (bass), Felipe Machado (guitar), Yves Passarell (guitar) and Cassio Audi (drums). Soon afterwords, the drummer was replaced by Guilherme Martin and the band released the album ‘Theatre of Fate’, produced by Roy Rowland, that was an acclaimed success for critics as well as the public. The album was an immediate hit in Japan and is now being re-released by Wikimetal Music.

In 1991, Andre Matos left VIPER and the bassist Pit Passarell took on the vocals. The band released ‘Evolution’, which included the single ‘Rebel Maniac’ (Everybody Everybody). A bit more inclined to the European and American market, ‘Evolution’ and its successor EP, ‘Vipera Sapiens’, amplified the band’s success in Japan, where they beat names such as Van Halen and Nirvana on the charts. The Japanese tour was recorded for the album ‘VIPER Live – Maniacs in Japan’.

In 1995, VIPER recorded the album ‘Coma Rage’ in Los Angeles, the heaviest one of their career. On the following year, the band released the project ‘Tem Pra Todo Mundo’, in Portuguese. The guitarrist Yves Passarell was replaced by Val Santos and VIPER released in 2007 the album ‘All My Life’, of previously unreleased tracks, with Ricardo Bocci on vocals.



In 2012, the band’s classic members, Andre, Pit, Felipe, Guilherme e Hugo Mariutti (replacing Yves Passarell) went on the road for the 30 historical concerts on the ‘To Live Again Tour’, produced by Wikimetal to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the album ‘Soldiers of Sunrise’.

Apart from releasing the classic ‘Theatre Of Fate’, VIPER and Wikimetal Music are also working on the release of the ‘To Live Again Tour’ DVD.

Listen to ‘Theatre Of Fate’, available on all digital platforms: