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The Original Interviews

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Interview with Christofer Johnsson (Therion)

I really wanted to be a guitar player, play a Gibson Flying V. Today I’m endorsed by Gibson and they give me free Flying Vs,

03 maio, 2014 The Original Interviews
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Interview with Lzzy Hale (Halestorm)

The best thing in the world is just being able to be somebody’s inspiration.” Lzzy Hale: Hello. Wikimetal (Nando Machado): Hey, Lzzy. LH: Hi, it’s

03 dezembro, 2013 The Original Interviews
Yngwie 02 1

Interview with Yngwie Malmsteen

Jimi Hendrix was never a musical influence but rather the impact of seeing him burning the guitar made me want to do the same.” Wikimetal:

28 outubro, 2013 The Original Interviews
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Interview With Tom Maxwell (Hellyeah)

It’s always important to work with people that you can call best friends and family.” Wikimetal: Talking about the beginning of Hellyeah. How did the

19 agosto, 2013 The Original Interviews
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Interview with Niclas Engelin (In Flames)

The genre of Metal will never die because it evolves all the time” Wikimetal (Nando Machado): Hello, Niclas, this is Nando, from Wikimetal, how are

24 julho, 2013 The Original Interviews
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Interview with Josh Rand (Stone Sour)

The band started out being this project that we just did for fun. And the next thing you know, you’re making the record.” Wikimetal (Nando

18 julho, 2013 The Original Interviews
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Interview with Simone Simons (Epica)

Exclusive interview with Simone Simons from Epica Most of all I would like to inspire other people to be themselves, find their own identity” Wikimetal

10 julho, 2013 The Original Interviews
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Interview with Neal Preston

I did have my room semi trashed by John Bonham one day, he did a pretty good job on it.” Neal Preston: Hey Nando. Wikimetal

09 julho, 2013 The Original Interviews
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Interview with Michael Schenker

I’m fascinated with what can be done with a single string, and that’s where my passion is.” Michael Schenker: Hello? Wikimetal (Nando Machado): Hello, Mr.

26 junho, 2013 The Original Interviews
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Interview with Jeff Waters (Annihilator)

Every time us artists do a record, we usually think it’s one of our best things. And sometimes, if you’re honest, you look back maybe

31 maio, 2013 The Original Interviews
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Interview with Chris Squire (Yes)

We invented Progressive Rock” Chris Squire: Hello? Wikimetal (Daniel Dystyler): Hi, may I speak to Mr. Chris Squire, please? CS: Speaking! W (DD): Hey, Mr.

23 maio, 2013 The Original Interviews
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Interview with Big Dad Ritch (Texas Hippie Coalition)

The only time I’ve ever let a tear go onstage was at that São Paulo show” Wikimetal (Nando Machado): Hey, Ritch? Big Dad Ritch: Yes,

24 abril, 2013 The Original Interviews
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Interview with Dani Filth (Cradle of Filth)

Horror was a big influence on Cradle of Filth” Dani Filth: Hello. Wikimetal (Nando Machado): Hey, Dani Filth, please? DF: Yes, speaking. Hello. W (NM):

18 abril, 2013 The Original Interviews
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Interview with Kurdt Vanderhoof (Metal Church)

We’re looking forward to making some new music. There’s a good chance that we could be around for a while” Kurdt Vanderhoof: Hello? Wikimetal (Daniel

17 abril, 2013 The Original Interviews
Twisted Sister Play The Astoria 0

Interview with Dee Snider (Twisted Sister)

As long new music is going to be bathroom music for the audience, I’m not playing it. I’m just going to play the stuff that’s

13 abril, 2013 The Original Interviews
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Interview with Phil Anselmo (Down)

A Pantera reunion would mean not only a lot for me, but it would mean a great deal to the fans” Wikimetal (Nando Machado): Hi,

01 abril, 2013 The Original Interviews
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Interview with Derek Sherenian

I’ve played with a lot of my heroes in my career, Simon Phillips, Al Di Meola, Steve Lukather, Yngwie. But Eddie Van Halen was just

29 março, 2013 The Original Interviews
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Interview with Wolf Hoffmann (Accept)

We were the first and only band in those days to do what we were doing.” Wolf Hoffmann: Are you there? Wikimetal (Daniel Dystyler): Yes,

20 março, 2013 The Original Interviews
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Interview with Nige Rockett (Onslaught)

An interview with Nige Rockett, from Onslaught, made by our WikiBrother Gilberto Morais ! Confira abaixo: We in Onslaught are having an amazing time right

07 março, 2013 The Original Interviews
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Interview with Doro Pesch

I feel like metal is going up and up, it’s getting bigger and bigger worldwide.” Wikimetal (Daniel Dystyler): Hello, Doro? Doro Pesch: Yes, hi! Is

22 fevereiro, 2013 The Original Interviews
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Interview with Jason Newsted

Voivod treated me with a lot of respect – differently then Metallica” Wikimetal (Nando Machado): Hello, can I talk to Mr. Jason Newsted, please? Jason

17 janeiro, 2013 The Original Interviews
LedZep 0

Interview with Led Zeppelin

I wrote the riff to Black Dog on the back of a train ticket, which unfortunately I don’t have.” Nando Machado: The show starts with

04 dezembro, 2012 The Original Interviews
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Interview with Michael Amott (Arch Enemy)

The idea was to create a project that could combine Thrash and Death, with the melodic guitar of Classic Hard Rock and Classic Metal” Wikimetal

27 novembro, 2012 The Original Interviews
Angela3 4

Interview with Angela Gossow (Arch Enemy)

Always strive to be a musician first – your gender should come second.” WM: How did you first get in touch with Rock and Metal

22 novembro, 2012 The Original Interviews
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